Integrative Wellness

During your consultation visit, I will look at whole-person strategies through the lenses of naturopathic and functional medicine in order address the underlying factors that influence your health.  The consultation consists of an intensive review of your past  history, current issues and your desired  goals. This focused visit enables me to give recommendations and assist you in choosing your the best plan of care, including complementary approaches when applicable, with the goal of optimizing your vitality. If you have a complex situation, are seeking more time and an integrative approach, or want to further investigate root cause of your issues, consider scheduling an appointment for a consultation.   

Virtual Health:

  • Telemedicine for Illness
  • Telehealth

Naturopathic consultation:

  • Consultation for health
  • Wellness consultation
  • Clinical Nutrition

Functional medicine consultation:

  • Consultation for optimal wellness
  • Living Matrix analysis
  • Lifestyle & nutrition

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