Remember the Care Bears™? How teddy bear therapy helps children.

Care Bears™ Teach Empathy

Since 1983, the Care Bears have taught children of all ages about sharing their feelings and caring for others.  They remind us that each day is the perfect opportunity for everyone to express their emotions honestly, to participate in acts of kindness – and to remember that goodwill and consideration toward others are essential every day of the year.

Care Bears™ Teach Emotions

I use this therapy with children to create empathy and help with the expression of emotions by creating a fun, familiar, and non-threatening therapy session.  Both of which scientists have debated are innate and learned.  Care Bears make identifying emotions easy and fun for younger children (and probably kids of the 80’s, too.)

Care Bears™ Teach Problem Solving

Teddy bear therapy evolved from psychoanalytic play therapy and Gardner’s mutual storytelling technique. Incorporating bibliotherapy, I will also use the bears to tell a story about a teddy bear that is facing difficulties similar to those of the child. Drawing on play and fantasy, the therapist engages the child in a person-centered, non-threatening way. Together the therapist and the child explore how changes to the teddy and the teddy’s relationships in the family, or situation, ultimately bring about resolution of the teddy’s problem.

I find this approach to working with children and adolescents quite helpful for those struggling with trauma, divorce, or bullying situations. 

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